The Mojos

Our traditional Mojo Premium Beef Jerky is the original Savage Jerky recipe that launched our brand, the original chili lime beef jerky. Mojo has become a Savage Jerky fan favorite. For mojo food purists, try our Traditional Mojo Premium Beef Jerky, flavored with lime, orange, lemon, molasses, garlic and spices. For those of you who prefer to crank up the heat, try our Mojo Jalapeno Premium Beef Jerky and Mojo Habanero Premium Beef Jerky. 

Enjoy Savage Jerky’s Mojo Collection of Spanish-inspired beef jerky, marinated all day and then dried to tender perfection.

Lime & Garlic Mojo
Lime & Garlic Mojo We blend savory herbs and spices to create a fresh zesty herbal twist on a Cuban classic.

Jalapeno Mojo
Jalapeno Mojo We add fresh jalapeno peppers to our classic Mojo for a blend of zesty citrus and heat.

Habanero Mojo
Habanero Mojo Fresh habanero peppers are the perfect pairing to heat up our citrus loaded Mojo marinade.

The Buffalos

Maple Cayenne
Maple Cayenne This uncured bacon jerky is a blend of sweet maple syrup and our homemade buffalo sauce.

Tangy Habanero
Tangy Habanero

Packed with delicious citrus flavor, we add fresh habanero peppers to amplify our ho...

Ghost Pepper
Ghost Pepper We push the limits to bring a slow, lingering burn to our house made buffalo sauce.

Original Beef Jerky

A Modern Take On Original Beef Jerky

We don’t hide Savage Jerky’s ingredients in tiny print or bury it deep in our website. Our jerky meats are all flavored with spices, herbs, sugars and flavors that you know well — honey, garlic, ginger, molasses, brown sugar, to name a few — and you’ll find our lists of ingredients front and center.

We use centuries-old processes of curing meat and our own modern recipes to create the most delicious and tender jerky snacks you’ll find anywhere.

Our three traditional beef jerky recipes are Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt, Teriyaki, and Original. All of our traditional beef jerky recipes contain no known gluten ingredients, no nitrates, and no preservatives.

Original Smoky flavor infused into a house blend of spices for a time-honored recipe. Try some now!

Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt
Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt Our own traditional marinade finished with coarse sea salt and freshly ground peppercorn.

Teriyaki Our house made sauce combines tamari, ginger, garlic & honey for a sweet and savory fla...

Salt & Pepper Patriot
Salt & Pepper Patriot Our own traditional marinade finished with coarse sea salt and freshly ground peppercorn.

The Sriracha Series

Sriracha Sauce Origin

Sriracha gets its name from the coastal town Si Racha in Thailand. Traditional sriracha sauces are made from the red jalapeno pepper and combined with garlic, distilled vinegar, and salt. Sriracha tends to be on the milder side of hot sauces, especially if the recipe includes removing the pepper’s seeds and capsaicin, which is that whitish tissue on the inside of peppers. 

We thought Sriracha would be the perfect way to spice up our bacon and beef jerky products, and we were right.

Bold BBQ
Bold BBQ Our smoky & sweet homemade BBQ blend is spiked with sriracha sauce and a bit of heat.

Bold Teriyaki
Bold Teriyaki We spike our homemade Teriyaki recipe with a touch of heat and sriracha sauce.

Sweet & Savory
Sweet & Savory We immerse our uncured bacon in a sriracha marinade to create a sweet & savory blend.


The hottest jerky we've ever created. Pushing more than 2 million Scoville units, the Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world and we definitely don't shy away with this jerky.
Carolina Reaper
Carolina Reaper We mix our classic savory smoky marinade with a nastily hot Carolina Reaper pepper.

Stung by The Reaper
Stung by The Reaper We mix our classic savory smoky marinade with a nastily hot Carolina Reaper pepper.