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Back to School Variety Pack Back to School Variety Pack
Variety Pack

Back to School Variety Pack

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Shop our collection of back to school favorites. Fill the lunchbox with these low-heat, all-natural snacks that are packed with better-for-you ingredients and enough protein to get you through the day! 

  • Original: We eventually caved into the pressure for a savory classic! Smoky flavor infused into a house blend of spices for a time-honored recipe.

  • Teriyaki: Savage spin on the classic Japanese staple, our scratch-made Teriyaki sauce combines tamari, ginger, garlic and honey for a sweet & savory snack.

  • Lemon Peppercorn: A simple fusion, we combine lemon and pepper with a hint of garlic for a light and zesty treat.

  • Peri Peri BBQ:  Inspired by a prevalent Southern Africa recipe, we blend a mild, aromatic pepper sauce with our tangy homemade barbecue for a multicultural classic.
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