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Father's Day Gift Pack Father's Day Gift Pack
Variety Pack

Father's Day Gift Pack

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If you're looking for the gift that keeps on giving, look no further. Jam packed with a mix of Savage Jerky favorites, this is guaranteed to be the number one gift this year. 

  • Maple Cayenne
    Sweet maple syrup blended with a buffalo sauce. This flavor-packed uncured bacon jerky can spice up your entire day!
  • Bold BBQ
    Our smoky & sweet homemade BBQ blend is spiked with sriracha sauce and a bit of heat.
  • Bourbon Glaze
    We immerse our uncured bacon in a sriracha marinade to create a sweet & savory blend.
  • Salt & Pepper Patriot 
    A gourmet upgrade to your saddle bag style favorite, we pack fresh cracked pepper and sea salt with blend of herbs and spices.
  • Mojo Jalapeno Hot Sauce 
    An addicting blend of fresh Jalapeno, garlic, lime and cilantro that provides an excellent zip with just the right amount of heat.
  • Mojo Habanero Hot Sauce 
    We’ve mixed fresh habanero, garlic, and onion with citrus juices to create an incredible sauce that goes great with anything.
  • Savage Jerky Trucker Hat  
    Trucker hat with our slick branding, not only are these things comfortable but they look badass too.
  • Savage Jerky Tool bag  
    12in tool bag with two large exterior pockets and zipper closure for secure storage.


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