Oh bacon jerky, you are my meaty delight, a snack that's so delicious and flavors out of sight.

I enjoy it with eggs, in a sandwich, or on the side, as a snack on the go, or take it along on my ride.

I’ll eat it for lunch or as a tasty evening snack, for it will always stop that growling hunger attack.

It can travel with me wherever I roam, it fits in a backpack, a duffel, or even a gnome.

Whether I’m out in the woods or on top of a hill, bacon jerky is the snack that gives me a thrill.

And with every bite, I feel like I'm on top, for bacon jerky is the snack that just won't stop.

So let us raise a piece of jerky high in the air, and give thanks for this snack that's beyond compare.
Savage Jerky Co.