Bacon Jerky

The best bacon jerky online — premium cuts of pork rubbed with our signature spice blend, accented with a mouth-watering dash of sweetness, and slow cooked through our dehydrating process. The result? Tender-crisp bacon jerky.
Maple Buffalo Bacon Sold Out
Maple Buffalo Bacon All natural bacon coupled with our classic buffalo sauce, spiked with maple syrup. Soun...

Sriracha Bacon Sold Out
Sriracha Bacon All-natural bacon marinated in an incredible sriracha glaze. Lick your lips thinking ab...

Wait. What? Is This — Bacon Jerky? Candy Bacon? Sugared Bacon?  

You can call it whatever you want — bacon jerky, candied bacon, sugared bacon or Mildred — we don’t care. Savage Jerky Premium Bacon Jerky snacks are, simply, the best bacon jerky online. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll call for more.  

Why? For starters, our bacon jerky comes in full strips, not in pieces and crumbs like other brands. And, it’s all natural, nitrate-free cured bacon. We prepare our bacon jerky with ingredients you know — natural sugars, vinegar, salt, and spices — following a time-honored meat dehydration process. 

Highly habit-forming, our Maple Buffalo Premium Bacon Jerky and Sriracha Premium Bacon Jerky are often sold out because of their popularity. Don’t worry, we’re prepping more “as we speak.” 

One for them, two for you. This is not a snack you’ll want to share with a friend. 

Bacon Jerky FAQ

What is bacon jerky?

What is bacon jerky? Are you kidding? Bacon + jerky = the most savory snack you’ll ever eat. Bacon comes from pork bellies and backs, while jerky is what you get when you flavor and dehydrate strips of meat into tasty treats. Is your mouth watering yet?

Is bacon jerky keto friendly?

Bacon is a staple on keto diets. Jerky is often listed as a keto-friendly snack. So, yes, it is keto-friendly but watch the sugar count. Because our bacon jerky is flavored with sugars, you’ll want to eat it in moderation (good luck with that).

Should you make your own bacon jerky or buy from Savage?

Pfffft… what do you think? Try one package of our bacon jerky and let us know what you decide.