Our Gluten-Free Jerky Ingredients

All of our jerky recipes contain no known gluten ingredients, and our kitchens ensure no cross-contamination between products with gluten ingredients and those with none. See for yourself — all Savage Jerky products list their ingredients “above the fold,” front and center right where you can see them. 

Savage Jerky’s signature spice rub, which is the base rub for many of our jerky products, contains no gluten, and we use gluten-free soy and gluten-free tamari sauces on our teriyaki-flavored products.  

Some worcestershire sauces do contain gluten, but the one we use for our Original Beef Jerky does not. These ingredients do not contain gluten:

  • Gluten-free soy marinade: We use gluten-free soy sauce in our marinades.
  • Brown sugar: Cane sugars do not contain gluten (brown sugar is sugar with molasses). Sweet.
  • Molasses: Nope, no gluten in this thick, sweet syrup made from boiled down sugarcane.
  • Sea salt: All the spices and herbs we use are gluten free, including salt. 
  • Liquid smoke: This mixture of water, vinegar, molasses, salt, smoke coloring and flavoring are all free of glutens.
  • Vinegar: All good here, as the distillation process filters out gluten proteins.