Listen up. We know what it’s like to grind away at work all day, pretending to care about spreadsheets and emails. But when the digital chains are lifted, you’re ready to unleash your inner beast. And when it comes time to fuel up for the switch, Savage has you covered. Our jerky was created for these Wild to Mild moments.

We have a flavor to mimic whatever mood you’re in. You want a spicy kick in the pants? We’ve got you covered. Or maybe you just want a little slap to the face. Don’t worry. We’ll slap it just right. No matter what you want to shove in your face hole, we’ll give it to you. We’re good like that.


You know what we’re also good at? Making jerky that doesn’t have any of those chemicals that they pump into the old-school stuff. Seriously. Who wants to put that junk in their body? No One. Our jerky is packed with nothing but the best to keep you fierce. So go ahead, break free like the savage you are. Because whether you’re ripping through the woods or ripping through a bag of jerky, you don’t want to be held back by anything less than the best.


Two bold jerky brands garnered immense success right out of the gate. Their unique proteins and adventurous flavors piqued the interest of jerky fans and quickly built a loyal following.

While Perky Jerky was a trailblazer, producing a succulent and savory turkey jerky, Savage Jerky elevated the jerky game with its spicy and mouth-watering bacon jerky. Although the brands appealed to different fans, both shared a passion for handcrafting premium, innovative jerky that rose above a crowded market full of mediocre, mass- produced snacks.

After a fortuitous encounter, the two companies discovered that their diverse product lines perfectly complemented one another. Now under a single roof, the dynamic duo has morphed into a juggernaut of unique bold products, proudly known as 2Bold Brands.