You probably won’t be surprised when we say the number one reason people say they can’t live a healthy lifestyle is, “I don’t have time.” Indeed, time is the easiest excuse for many things because it’s hard to dispute and, let’s face it, time is in limited supply. 

In its annual survey of U.S. consumers, nonprofit group Food Insight found that 73% of their survey respondents snack at least once a day, which is up significantly from the previous year, which was only 58%. What accounts for the increase year over year? Well, one reason could be because people feel low energy, so a midday snack helps boost their energy: 22% of respondents said an energy boost is the reason they snack.

The same survey also found that people seem more stressed (no surprise there), which leads them to eat more often and make fewer healthy choices. However, we say, if you have time to eat a bag of chips or hit a fast-food drive through, then you do have time to make healthy choices. 

We Call B.S. on “I Don’t Have Time”

Grabbing a bag of Savage Jerky premium beef jerky or bacon jerky snacks takes less time than going through a fast-food drive-through or stopping at a quickie-mart. Trust us: We tested this. In 6.8 seconds, you can grab a 2.2-ounce bag of jerky from your pantry, tear open the package, pop a piece in your mouth, reseal the package, and be on your way.

What To Look For In Healthy On-The-Go Snacks

  • Whole ingredients, not filled with processed foods
  • At least 5g protein per serving
  • Nonperishable, longer shelf life
  • Excellent flavor
  • Options (beef and bacon, mild to hot, and lots of flavor choices)
  • Doesn’t make a mess

1- Grab and Go Protein Snacks for Travel

Frequent fliers are well aware that travel by airplane can be hit or miss when it comes to finding tasty and healthy, high-protein snacks on the go. Beef jerky checks off all those boxes, plus it’s TSA-approved. TSA allows solid foods, including jerky, through airport checkpoints.

Our suggestion is Savage Jerky bacon lover’s pack. It’s got four delicious flavors that aren’t too hot, which is perfect for your in-flight snacking.

2- Family-Friendly Portable Protein Snacks

You've got one kid who plays travel baseball, another who works two jobs, plus music lessons, homework and family gatherings. Who has time for all this? You've got your own job and household to run. What does a busy parent do when there's no time for healthy food?

Beef jerky wins again. It's highly portable, tucks into a gym bag, school backpack, briefcase or purse, and it doesn't need to be refrigerated. It'll keep you and the kids sated all day, until you can get home for a family dinner. 

3- Quick Protein Snacks for Adventurers

We like this idea for hiking, kayaking, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities, especially near water. Why? You can make this ahead of time, and portion it out in zip-close baggies or reusable pouches for a quick protein snack. Plus, the flavors blend so well together, you'll not only feel full but satisfied too. Our recipe for spicy trail mix combines chopped up beef jerky, dried fruits, sunflower seeds and pistachio nuts; but you can easily swap out your favorites from your grocery store's bulk food bins and create your own jerky-based trail mix! 

4- Homemade Granola Bars With Protein

Creative people might also like homemade granola bars, packed with at least 5g of protein, depending on which Savage Jerky treat you use and how much nut butter you use. This delicious snack is ideal for working professionals who need a boost of energy mid-day while juggling tasks. 

Bonus: 2 More Ways To Get Protein On The Go

We've got two more ideas for busy people who need healthy sustenance between meals. 

Hard-boiled eggs

Hard-boiled eggs (HBE) have 6 grams of protein, and we wouldn't be true to our name if we didn't mention how delicious HBE are when they're paired with bacon ... jerky! HBE should not be left out longer than two hours at room temperature, however, so you might consider storing them in an insulated bag with an ice pack. How to make the perfect hard-boiled egg, from

Protein-enhanced yogurt

You might not have time to throw the ingredients together to create a perfectly blended protein smoothie, but you do have enough time to add a scoop of your favorite protein powder to a serving of yogurt. Mix in a half-scoop of your favorite whey or plant-based protein powder with a serving of your favorite Greek yogurt, and you can nearly double your protein intake from plain yogurt. This is a great idea for working professionals who have access to a refrigerator, as well as anyone who packs an insulated bag with an ice pack. 

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