Low Sodium Beef Jerky

For a product to be labeled “low sodium,” the American Heart Association says it may have 140 mg or less per serving. Savage Jerky offers three low-sodium products. We also offer three beef jerky products that have reduced sodium (less than 50% of our original recipe). All six beef jerky treats are flavored with our signature sauces and spices and made from premium beef. 
Lime & Garlic Mojo
Lime & Garlic Mojo
We blend savory herbs and spices to create a fresh zesty herbal twist on a Cuban classic. MILD

Jalapeno Mojo
Jalapeno Mojo
We add fresh jalapeno peppers to our classic Mojo for a blend of zesty citrus and heat. MEDIUM

Habanero Mojo
Habanero Mojo
Fresh habanero peppers are the perfect pairing to heat up our citrus loaded Mojo marinade. HOT

‘F’ You, Hypertension — Bring On The Jerky!

Our bodies need sodium for regulating our heart rates, as well as for muscle and nerve function. The American Heart Association recommends a daily intake of sodium no more than 1,500 to 2,300 milligrams per day (talk to your doctor for your limits) for the average adult. Too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

Savage Low-Sodium Beef Jerky FAQ

How much sodium is in beef jerky?

The salt content of beef jerky typically comes from a combination of the natural salts that are in beef, as well as sodium that jerky makers use during the curing process. All of our products in our online shop include nutritional information, so you can see the milligrams of salt for yourself. Select the product, and view the back of the package for nutritional information. Savage Jerky’s beef and bacon jerky treats range from 140 mg to 1,380 mg of sodium per serving.  

Are all Savage Jerky products low sodium? 

The US Food and Drug Administration is very specific about what can be called low sodium. A product with 140 mg or less of sodium per serving is considered low-sodium, and three of our products in the low-sodium collection fit this category. Additionally, we offer three products that are low in sodium, ranging from 210 mg to 240 mg of sodium per serving.  

Can you make beef jerky without sodium?

Beef naturally contains sodium, so, no, it is not possible to make beef jerky that is sodium-free. However, it is possible to make beef jerky without curing salt, if you choose a lean cut of meat, trim excess fat, and use a dehydration method that does not require additional salt products.