Jerky has been a favorite meat snack for many. Popular for its convenience, satisfying taste, and high protein options. But knowing the different types of jerky can help consumers make choices tailored to their preferences. At Savage Jerky, we’re proud to offer premium beef and uncured bacon jerky, crafted to perfection. Let’s dive in to help you find your perfect snack.

1. Traditional Jerky

Traditional jerky is perfect for those who enjoy a classic jerky experience that stands the test of time

2. Soft and Tender Jerky

    • A more modern take on jerky, focusing on a softer, easier-to-chew texture.
    • Characteristics:
      • Texture: Moist and tender.
      • Flavor: Enhanced by marination, often richer and more pronounced.
      • Lifestyle: Great for everyday snacking, providing a quick and enjoyable treat.
    • Recommended products:

Ideal for those who prefer a more delicate texture without compromising on flavor intensity.

3. Dry Rub Jerky

Perfect for jerky enthusiasts who appreciate robust, concentrated flavors and a snack that packs a punch.

4. Flavored Jerky: 

    • Highlight: Bacon
    • Flavored jerky caters to various taste preferences, offering a wide range of flavors from sweet to spicy.
    • Characteristics:
      • Texture: Can vary from soft to hard.
      • Flavor: Diverse, ranging from sweet teriyaki to spicy jalapeño.
      • Lifestyle: Excellent for flavor adventurers and those who love to mix things up.
    • Recommended products:

Perfect for adventurous eaters who enjoy experimenting with different flavors.

5. Exotic Jerky

    • Highlight: Bacon
    • Made from non-traditional meats such as wagyu beef, bacon, and poultry, providing unique taste experiences.
    • Characteristics:
      • Texture: Can range from soft to hard, depending on the meat type.
      • Flavor: Unique and often gamey flavors.
      • Lifestyle: Great for food explorers looking to experience new and unusual tastes.
    • Recommended products:

Ideal for those looking to explore beyond conventional beef jerky and experience new flavors.

6. 7. Specialty Jerky - hand crafted, small batch

    • Specialty jerky includes gourmet, artisanal, or health-focused varieties, often made with premium ingredients.
    • Characteristics:
      • Texture: Can vary widely.
      • Flavor: Unique flavor profiles, often with high-quality or exotic ingredients.
      • Lifestyle: Ideal for food connoisseurs and health-conscious individuals seeking premium snacks.
    • Recommended products:

Ideal for food connoisseurs who appreciate the finer things in life and are willing to explore premium options.


Jerky can range in unique textures, flavors, and lifestyle suitability. Whether you prefer the classic chew of traditional jerky, the rich flavors of soft and tender varieties, or the adventurous taste of exotic meats, there's a jerky out there for everyone. We encourage you to explore the different types and find your favorites. Get Savage!

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