There’s no way around it, kids really like to snack. Energetic kids tend to eat on the go, rather than sit down to a meal … which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The real problem with snacking is that many “grab and go” foods are not very healthy. Even if your child enjoys snacking on fresh fruit, they would be missing some key nutrients over the course of a day, especially protein. 

Protein is not just necessary for a child’s growth and development; it helps control hunger and reduce cravings. Offering protein-rich snacks will boost kids’ daily intake of this important building block and keep them feeling full longer. An added bonus is that having protein-packed snacks handy will help you avoid a case of the “hangries.”

Jerky, The Perfect Snack for Kids

Kids Love Jerky

As parents, we tend to think of protein as a meal food, not so much a snack food. Some protein-rich snacks parents like to give kids include: yogurt (not very portable); nut butters (also not highly portable and dangerous for other kids with nut allergies); smoothies (lots of prep work); and boiled eggs (perishable and not so much a kid fave).

The best sources of protein come from beef, fish and poultry, but it’s not like you can say, “Here, have a hunk of chicken” and send them off to play.

You can, however, hand them a bag of healthy jerky that’s not only highly portable but doesn’t require refrigeration. 

Jerky has all the protein you need and doesn’t require prep … other than unzipping the package! For busy families with active kids, jerky can be the best and easiest way to boost daily protein intake and satisfy cravings. 

Not All Jerky Is Created Equal

You have to be careful, though, because not all jerky is created equal. Many mainstream brands, like the names you may be thinking about right now, are full of things you and your kids should avoid. This includes, but is not limited to, excessive sodium, chemical preservatives, fillers, nitrates, and corn syrup.

Savage Jerky, on the other hand, is crafted from premium meat cuts and marinated with natural flavors, fresh herbs and spices. This gives your family protein and flavor without sacrificing nutrition or quality. It is also low-sugar and low calorie, exactly what you want in a snack.

Here are a few reasons our jerky is the perfect protein-rich snack to keep around the house:

  • Easy to eat on the go and pack in lunches and backpacks
  • Zero prep or clean up; just open, eat and enjoy
  • Helps fulfill daily recommended protein allowances with 6 to 13 grams of protein a serving
  • Satisfies between-meal hunger and reduces cravings
  • Tender and easy to eat, unlike your chewy, tough average store-brand jerky
  • Has a long shelf-life
  • Free of common allergens, like nuts, for safer-snacking in group settings

And because our jerky is healthy and comes ready to eat, you can allow older, more independent kids to “self-serve.” This can help them learn positive eating habits and learn to be self-sufficient.

Creative Ways to Snack With Jerky 

The good news is that jerky may be the easiest thing on the planet to eat. With no prep or clean up needed, you just need to have it around, so your kids can grab it when they feel snacky. 

Here are a few fun ways to offer jerky to kids.

Jerky and egg breakfast sandwich

  • 1 English-style muffin, toasted (or not if preferred)
  • 1 egg, soft-cooked, over easy or poached
  • 2 strips of Savage Jerky bacon jerky 

Cook egg to order, preferably poached medium, so the egg is not runny if you’re serving it to-go. 

Bento box with jerky

  • 1 serving fruit (apple, mandarin orange slices, or berries)
  • 2 to 4 pieces of sweet and savory beef jerky
  • 4 to 6 crackers (Annie’s snack variety)
  • 4 to 6 mini carrots
  • 1 to 2 pieces or slices of cheese 

A bento box is fun to eat because you can surprise your children every day with a different mix. Pack jerky in their lunch; don’t worry, they won’t trade it!

Charcuterie boards for kids

  • 1 bag of Savage Jerky original beef jerky or any flavor they enjoy!
  • 2 oz Kid-friendly cheeses, like medium cheddar, American
  • 2 oz macadamia nuts (ensuring no one has allergies)
  • 1/2 cup red grapes

Mix and match your fruit, cheese and jerky favorites for a fun and healthy snack just like mom and dad serve when they’re entertaining!

Other Ways to Be Snack-Ready

  • Pack jerky in your student athlete's workout bag. 
  • Keep it in the glove box, so it's handy when driving to after-school activities.
  • Make an “after school treat” section in your pantry with jerky and other foods your kids are allowed to grab.
  • Have a jerky tasting with multiple new flavors to try.
  • Reduce sweet cravings and empty calories by offering jerky before sweets.

Kids need protein, and they need to snack, but that doesn’t mean they can’t fulfill both at the same time! Savage Jerky is the ideal, kid-friendly snack, packed full of protein and flavor with none of the junk you want to avoid.

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