Beef jerky is not only a delicious and convenient snack food, it can be good for you.* This is because it can offer high quality protein along with other key vitamins and minerals like zinc, B12 and folate. This boosts your daily protein intake and supports important bodily functions for immunity and energy.

That doesn’t mean all jerky is healthy, however. Some brands use ingredients or processes that reduce the overall healthfulness of the jerky. Details to look at include sodium content and the presence of nitrates, both of which detract from the health benefits. Additionally, you want to steer clear of preservative and chemical laden brands in favor of all-natural versions.

Of course, one of the basics to eating healthy is portion control and moderation. Just because something is a healthy food doesn't mean you can eat unlimited amounts, including beef jerky! If you are on a weight-loss program or have underlying medical conditions, you should always defer to your practitioners' advice on diet and nutrition.  

Beef Jerky As A Healthy Snack/Beef Jerky & Diet Plans

Beef jerky is the ultimate on-the-go snack food because it has a very long shelf life. It also doesn’t take up a lot of space, so you can pack a significant amount into a backpack or bag. This allows you to easily carry enough wherever you go to ensure that you have the protein and energy you need.

Those looking to shed pounds are in luck, because the ratio of protein to carbs and fat makes beef jerky a winning diet snack. This combination helps create a feeling of fullness and provides long-lasting energy, but eating it doesn’t come with the sugar crash associated with high carb foods. This is particularly helpful for those following keto and other low-carb diet plans.

Some people eat beef jerky with breakfast, because they want to begin their day with a higher protein meal. Again, if you're on a special diet under the care of a physician or licensed healthcare professional, defer to their advice on whether to add beef jerky to your breakfast. 

Healthiest Beef Jerky At Savage

Finding healthy beef jerky options is easy at Savage because we are dedicated to using premium, all-natural ingredients without the use of preservatives, fillers and corn syrup. This starts with our tender cut beef, similar to a brisket, that’s cut across the grain to deliver a more tender and chewable jerky. We then use the best natural flavorings possible, including fresh garlic, peppers, herbs and spices. The result is a superior jerky that can deliver up to 13 grams of protein per serving and varieties with just 1 gram of sugar and just 40 calories. 

A few versions to consider include:

Is Beef Jerky Good For Diabetics

Finding healthy snack food is always challenging, but it can be especially difficult for those with diabetes. The good news is that beef jerky can absolutely be a healthy and appropriate snack for diabetics. The key is the ratio of protein to carbs and sugar. Foods that fall into the high protein, low-carb, low sugar category can help you stay full without causing an undue spike in blood sugar. Beef jerky can fit the bill, but it is important to find quality brands that use all natural ingredients and have reduced sugar and sodium varieties. 

A few low sugar Savage Jerky options includes:

Bottom Line: How Healthy is Beef Jerky?

The answer to the question, how healthy is beef jerky, depends on how you define healthy.

Calories: If you are looking for a low-calorie snack, some jerky meats fall into this category. Savage's Rosemary Garlic beef jerky has only 40 calories per serving. 

Natural: If you define healthy as being free from preservatives and additives, Savage Jerky's products check that box too. Read the ingredient list, and you'll see that our products are made from whole ingredients.

Fat grams: Another way to define healthy is by fat grams. Many of the beef jerky projects are low in fat grams per serving, including all of the beef jerky products, which have 1 to 1.5 grams of fat per serving. Our bacon jerky products are higher in fat grams, ranging from 4.5 to 11 fat grams per serving.  

Low Sodium: For people who want a low-sodium diet or who prefer foods that are not high in sodium, Savage has three beef jerky products that are low-sodium

*Savage Jerky is not giving medical advice, and nothing you read on our website should supersede advice given from licensed and qualified medical professionals. 

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