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Announcing NEW Beef Jerky Flavors & More BACON!

You might notice a few changes to your favorite Savage Jerky products, which includes a few new items that we can't wait for you to try. First, we've added five new bacon flavors (you're welcome) and two new premium flavors of beef jerky. Second, we responded to your requests and added low-sodium and Asian-inspired flavors. Third, we've changed the names of a few favorites — rest assured, we did not change our recipes.

In fact, that's what we want to talk about first: What has NOT changed about your Savage Jerky favorites.

Announcing NEW Beef Jerky Flavors & More BACON!

    What Hasn't Changed at Savage Jerky

    Savage Jerky premium beef jerky and bacon jerky products are still made with the same whole ingredients that you can pronounce, plus they are:

    • Gluten-free
    • Preservative-free
    • Nitrate- and nitrite-free
    • High in protein
    • Mild to wild flavors
    • Delicious
    • Highly habit-forming 

    What's New To Savage

    More bacon, more bacon, more bacon!! Our customers asked for more bacon jerky flavors, and we've added not one, not two, not three ... but FIVE (YES!) bacon jerky flavors: Bourbon Glaze, Stung, Peri Peri BBQ, Lemon Peppercorn, and Honey Blaze. We have added two unique beef jerky flavors to our lineup: the Asian-inspired Ginger Lemongrass and the steakhouse favorite Rosemary Garlic. (Just typing this paragraph has us salivating!) 

    Our customers' favorite recipes have stayed the same, though we did change the names of a handful of our jerky treats. Why would we do that? Believe us, name changes are no easy feat, and they spurred lots of debate here at Savage Jerky. Ultimately, we felt the name changes were important so that the products' names better matched their experiences. For example, we agreed that "Maple Cayenne" tells a better story than "Maple Buffalo."

    Here is our new for 2021 lineup of different premium beef jerky flavors and bacon jerky treats with name changes and new additions in bold.  

    Old  Name New  Name Protein Description Heat
    Original Original Premium Beef Jerky Smoky flavor infused into Savage's house blend of spices for a time-honored recipe Mild
    Teriyaki Teriyaki Premium Beef Jerky Our house-made sweet and savory sauce combines tamari, ginger, garlic, and honey Mild
    Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt Premium Beef Jerky Traditional Savage marinade, finished with coarse sea salt and freshly ground peppercorn Mild
    (Traditional) Mojo Lime & Garlic Mojo* Premium Beef Jerky Savory herbs and spices create a fresh zesty herbal twist on the classic Cuban mojo Mild
    Sweet Sriracha BBQ Bold BBQ Premium Beef Jerky Savage's signature smoky and sweet homemade BBQ spiked with sriracha  Mild
    Maple Buffalo (Bacon) Maple Cayenne  Uncured Bacon Jerky Flavored with a blend of sweet maple syrup and Savage's own homemade Buffalo sauce Medium
    Sriracha (Bacon) Sweet & Savory  Uncured Bacon Jerky Steeped in a sriracha marinade to create a sweet & savory blend Medium
    Mojo Jalapeño Jalapeño Mojo* Premium Beef Jerky Our classic Mojo combined with fresh jalapeños for a zesty blend and a little heat Medium
    Sriracha Teriyaki Bold Teriyaki Premium Beef Jerky Our homemade Teriyaki recipe spiked with a touch of heat and sriracha Medium
    Mojo Habanero Habanero Mojo* Premium Beef Jerky Our classic Mojo perfectly paired with fresh habaneros for a lotta zest and heat Hot
    Habanero Buffalo Tangy Habanero Premium Beef Jerky Our Buffalo sauce packed with citrus flavor and a touch of spice from fresh habaneros Hot
    Ghost Pepper Buffalo Ghost Pepper Premium Beef Jerky Our house made Buffalo sauce pushed to the extremes with a slow, lingering ghost pepper burn Very Hot
    Reaper (Beef) Reaper Premium Beef Jerky Our classic savory smoky marinade mixed with a nastily hot Carolina Reaper pepper Extreme
    NEW FLAVOR Ginger Lemongrass  Premium Beef Jerky Asian-inspired recipe balancing ginger and garlic with lemongrass Mild
    NEW FLAVOR Rosemary Garlic Premium Beef Jerky Rosemary and fresh garlic blended with a zest of lemon for a true steakhouse experience Mild
    NEW FLAVOR Lemon Peppercorn Uncured Bacon Jerky A simple fusion, we combine lemon and pepper with a hint of garlic for a light and zesty treat. Mild
    NEW FLAVOR Bourbon Glaze Uncured Bacon Jerky Orange blossom honey mixed with our homemade bourbon barbecue blend  Mild
    NEW FLAVOR Peri Peri BBQ  Uncured Bacon Jerky Mild, aromatic pepper sauce blended with tangy homemade BBQ for a multicultural classic Medium
    NEW FLAVOR Honey Blaze Uncured Bacon Jerky Sweet and spicy treat of orange blossom honey and red pepper flakes Medium
    NEW FLAVOR Stung Uncured Bacon Jerky A Carolina Reaper mash-up cut with sweet orange blossom honey for a full finish Extreme


    * All Mojo recipes are low in sodium.